Caroline Custom-rides

Vehicle Enhancements for Classic Cars and Trucks, Modern Rides, and Government Custom needs. Full Upholstery shop.

Special Projects

FBI / Military And Local Agencies

We are listed with many government purchasers. We are happy to meet your purchasing needs. Just send us an application. CCR. SAM. GSA Vendor. FedBid. eVA Vendor.

Special Projects

Specializing in custom law enforcement and government surveillance vehicles Due to its sensitive nature, we post only generic product content on this website. Inquiries should be only from law enforcement professionals and government agencies. Please call us directly for information. 804-633-3299

Custom Consults

While most people have never seen our work, rest assured we have been in such places as the Super Bowl and local street corners. Our Work has been successful in fulfilling the needs of our clients for many years. Feel free to request references and photos.

What We Do

Conversions and modifications can be made to your existing vehicle or we can supply a new vehicle of your choice.

Caroline Custom has been involved in the Customization of surveillance vehicles for many years. Whether they be Federal, State, or Local agencies we have the skills to meet your needs. From full blown tractor-trailers, Vans, S.W.A.T units, Medical units, or decals on a cruiser, no job is too large or too small.

Our background in Vehicle Customization has provided us the experience to specialize vehicles in a way that is practical and economical. We have done one-off proof of concept for the Military. We can work off your specifications or provide you with our design plan.